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Zealots Consulting Inc. Executive Search was founded in 1997 and the company specializes in finding highly skilled Insurance and High Technology resources by shortening the time to fill ratio by utilizing its practicing consultants unique blend of industry knowledge, information technology, and intuitive human resources skills to complete assignments often deemed very difficult to place and retain.

Since 1997, Zealots Consulting Inc. Executive Search’s candidate send out to placement ratio is 3:1 and the company has filled 576 IT positions including: senior executive, contract, and technical roles.

Concurrently, Zealots Consulting Inc. provides companies with project management, IT change management, and organizational development services to help clients deliver their projects on time and under budget. In addition, the firm helps to develop future information technology talent by providing one on one career coaching and leadership development mentoring.

To get a free, no obligation, quote on your next search or contract assignment, please contact Zealots Consulting Inc. Executive Search at: 604-727-3141 or search@zealotsconsulting.com

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