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Luo Qingchen looked up coldly at Gu Tinger in front of him and said “Fighting in such a narrow place is not only easy to hurt others by mistake but also easy to meet teachers It’s not pleasant to fight like this is it” “What do you want” With anger in her eyes Gu Tinger thought that several of them would block Luo Qingchen at the door of the toilet and she would be afraid to beg for mercy Unexpectedly she not only did not beg for mercy but with the imagination of the difference of a million miles! What she means is Do you have a fight with them “Sister Ting be careful of her tricks!” “Yes!”! We stripped her clothes here recorded the video and posted it on the campus network to see how she could hook up with Qianshao! As soon as Luo Qingchen’s eyes converged he took one look at the white school uniform he had just changed The corners of his mouth outlined a very cold smile and said “Why don’t you ten people dare to make a legitimate appointment Is it a shame to lose it” Her tone was sarcastic and her hands were in the pockets of her skirt While mocking she did not forget to have a brief conversation with the system! System system can you lend me an exquisite ring [Artifacts Health & Medical cannot be used on this plane!] Spicy chicken! Do you have any weapons of mass destruction Come on! [Give the host a gun and the host can’t use it] That’s what I said! It’s not good to go to jail! [The host can exchange the skill of the 10th degree black belt of Taekwondo which needs 500 points to exchange value!] I’ll go Tell me! Exchange! [Ding-Deduct 500 points of exchange value and successfully exchange the 10th Dan of Taekwondo Black Belt (for use on this plane only)] One side of Feng Xiao heard Luo Qingchen so arrogant clamor cold sweat unconsciously fell down although she usually careless but also have not seen this battle ah! Besides after Luo Qingchen changed into her school uniform she looked like a good girl How could she beat the bullies on campus! No it won’t be disfigured Be sure to protect your face later “You bitch-” one of the fat girls standing behind Gu Tinger raised her hand and wanted to slap her But this pair of fat hands in midair was taken down by Luo Qingchen at this moment she only felt full of strength! The next second she squinted pushed the person behind her with her right hand grabbed Feng Xiao’s hand with her left hand and ran upstairs In fact she wanted to run downstairs but there were two or three people blocking the stairs In order to avoid Fengxiao being injured in the fight she turned her route and ran towards the roof of the school Let me chase her she ran away! Gu Tinger clenched her teeth and roared at the people next to her Yes Sister Ting! “Don’t worry Sister Ting” said one of them with a look in his eyes “They are running to a dead end!” Chapter 586 of the main text so what if you are my sister (27) On the roof the cold wind blows Because of the deep winter tiny goose feather snowflakes fell from the sky and the floor of the roof soon became white Tilt Pour the dust I didn’t bring my cell phone! Do you have any Should we call the police Feng Xiao’s voice trembled a little not knowing whether it was because of the cold or because of fear China Manufacturers Bang- “Luo Qingchen is trying to get something back to her the roof door has been opened” A group of people headed by Gu Tinger rushed out with great momentum looking around about a dozen or so Some people still hold brooms and broken sticks in their hands beating them on their hands and making a’da-da-da ‘sound Luo Qingchen if you kneel on the ground in front of the whole school and apologize to our family I can consider beating you for a few minutes less! Gu Ting son both hands embrace the chest the whole person a pair of absolute winner’s posture looks at in front of Luo Qingchen Luo Qingchen’s skin is very white a pair of dark eyes like grapes are clear to the bottom and after wearing the school uniform she looks like a doll which makes people feel pity for me
Gu Ting son most hates to see this kind of pure harmless appearance she thought that this can tie Luo Qianzhe’s heart! Dream! “Sister Ting I can’t help but want to strip off her clothes!” “Hiss-it’s so cold I don’t know what it feels like to stand here naked!” …… A burst of sarcasm filled her eardrums but her eyes were cold and lazy Out of the corner of his eye he glanced at the red paint left by the decoration workers on one side of the ground and looked at them with a dangerous smile at the corners of his mouth “Don’t talk nonsense If you want to fight speed up!” “You want to die don’t you” “I’ll help you!” The next second she picked up the red paint with the fastest speed splashed it on the other side and said “If I touch a little bit of paint on your body even if I lose!” Her voice was Gifts & Crafts very cold and every word was extremely cold which made people shiver unconsciously Originally arrogant little fat sister saw her eyes suddenly unconsciously back a step There was still red paint splashed on the clothes in the last second but I don’t know why I couldn’t move my feet At this moment Gu Tinger has been completely angry she hates dirty clothes and hair most in her life However at least half of the bucket of red paint was splashed on her and the clean white sweater turned red and sticky in an instant Shoot the hell out of her The next second everyone looked at each other as if they had been ordered to attack in the direction of Luo Qingchen She raised the corners of her mouth and her eyes showed a very faint intention to kill like a phoenix reborn from the ashes spreading its flame wings She jumped lightly as fast as lightning and grabbed the left hand of one of them Just listen to a’click ‘ the sound of ten finger bones bending resounded throughout the roof Her face is very pale snowflakes fall on her long eyelashes like a girl in winter pure appearance with extraordinary strength Another girl rushed up the moment was her small white shoes mercilessly against the chest The next second she threw hard and the man flew several meters away He fell to the ground rolling his eyes and covering his chest Such a scene has long been used to fighting in groups Gu Tinger was so frightened that her face turned white and her lips kept trembling The speed of Luo Qingchen was so fast that before she could even react the two men who rushed up beside her had already been beaten back trade-global.com

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