At this time, it was parked on the shelf in front of the wall mirror, looking at itself in the mirror with dull eyes, obviously unable to accept the reality for the time being. A green hat “Ward, you eat something, this is your favorite jujube cake, milk specially asked me to bring it to you.” Gu Anan looked at the Cuihua bird who had been looking in the mirror all the time and had not spoken or eaten all morning, and whispered. Birds don’t eat. Cuihua felt that her life was so miserable that the hair on her head was gone when she slept. He looked carefully at the bald bird in the mirror, and the sadness that filled his body almost turned into a black fog. In fact, you are not ugly at all now, and you are quite cute. Gu Anan tried to hold back his laughter and looked at Cuihua with a sincere face and said. Ture Cuihua turned her head, and the red and green feathers on her body were still gorgeous, which highlighted the abruptness of the fleshy pink skin on the top of her head, especially the hairy feathers on the edge, which made her bald on the top of her head. Really, poof- “Gu Anan swears that she really didn’t mean it, but the appearance of Cuihua flowers and birds is so interesting.”. Without a word, Cuihua turned around silently and showed her protest to Gu Anan with her fat buttocks. Why don’t I knit you a hat? As long as you wear the hat, you can’t see the top of your head. When the feathers grow out, everything will be normal. These days,ultrasonic welding transducer, she has unlocked a new skill, that is, knitting sweaters, wool is removed from old sweaters, Miao Cuihua gave her granddaughter a ball of thread, let her play at home by herself, Gu Anan is now a little successful girl in knitting wool,ultrasonic metal welding, think to knit a hat for birds. It’s no problem at all. Cap Cuihua bird came to a little spirit, as a knowledgeable bird, of course, it knows what the hat is, if it can really wear a hat, then others can not see the appearance of its head, and as a bird, can have a hat of their own, that is before even now in the county palace, have not had the treatment. The main reason is that the old county king has never thought of birds to wear clothes, which like Gu Anan, in the black fat and black girl has a wealth of practical experience, this suddenly thought of the idea. That’s, that’s better looking. Green flowers and birds still feel some injustice, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, do not know who was so wicked last night, the feathers on the bird’s head, but the world’s first unique. If the bird knows who did it, the bird will never forgive him. Now for the request of Cuihua flowers and birds, Gu Anan is all satisfied, after all, the bird is now very miserable, why and it against it. And green. Cuihua used to have green feathers on her head, and since she wanted to knit a hat, it was naturally green. Green-green? Gu Anan was about to nod when he thought of something and asked again hesitantly. Green, it has to be green. Cuihua’s little heart is particularly fragile now. Seeing that Gu Anan is a little reluctant, he jumps and shouts. The feathers of the bird itself are green. How beautiful the color is. Bad Ann doesn’t want the bird to restore its original beauty. The bird is almost wronged to death. You still don’t agree to this request of the bird. Cuihua covered her head with two wings to show her despair. All right, all right, whatever color you want. Gu Anan thought, isn’t it a cuckold? There is no such saying in the human and bird world. Besides, although Ruhua has always wanted to be with Cuihua, Cuihua has never promised from beginning to end. Even if Ruhua finds another bird behind her, it can’t be regarded as a cuckold for Cuihua. Cuihua was satisfied and happy, and finally condescended to come down from the mirror she had occupied all morning. I’ll knit you a hat later, and you can eat something now. Gu Anan saw that the baby bird in his fifties had been coaxed, and finally breathed a sigh of relief and handed the jujube cake cut into small pieces to the Cuihua bird. Birds don’t eat. The Cuihua bird, as it had just done, proudly turned its head to express its refusal.
Haven’t you been coaxed? Why don’t you eat? Gu Anan was a little puzzled. I ate too much yesterday, and the bird is still holding on. With a calm face, Cuihua slowly flew back to her bird’s nest, which was a slightly flustered posture, reflecting her present uneasiness. Still, still holding on! Gu Anan a face black line, in the heart snigger, also no longer say anything, save this proud bird to become angry from embarrassment when the time comes, but it is not easy to clean up. Aunt Miao, I heard that your two birds are going to be in the newspaper. Congratulations. “Uncle Gu, I heard that your whole family is going to be commended in the newspaper. Congratulations.” “Captain, I heard..” ……. The village was so big that it was impossible to hide any sign of trouble. In almost a day or two, the whole village spread the news that the newspaper comrades would come to Gu’s house for an interview. Even in several nearby villages, they heard about it. Before the end of the work, people came to Gu’s house every three or five times to see the two talking birds, especially the villagers who did not go to Gu Jiandang’s house to join in the fun in those days. It’s even more destructive to gastrointestinal pain. That’s a divine bird to be in the newspaper. What a pity to miss it. It’s a pity that Gu Anan’s hat hasn’t been knitted yet. Cuihua flowers and birds are hiding in Gu Anan’s room and refuse to come out. Ruhua loves her future egg father and refuses to go out. She stays in the house with it. Moreover, Ruhua doesn’t have the desire to perform like Cuihua. On weekdays, besides Gu Anan, she doesn’t like to talk to people. Therefore, the villagers who come to the door these days, Have seen the two birds that are rumored to have been praised to the skies. Are you really not going to admit the founding of your family? Huang Xiuhua came to her sister-in-law’s house to have a chat. By the way,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, she brought a basket of sesame cakes, which were steaming hot and sprinkled with sesame seeds. There were more than a dozen pieces, each of which was as big as two palms. There was no need to make staple food at home tonight. This basket of sesame cakes was enough. fycgsonic.com

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