Pan Wang Wen Yan tangled for a long time before he took out a small bottle from his bosom. The small bottle was glittering and translucent, and there was a dark green gas inside. This is Pan Wang Laoguai’s housekeeping treasure, ten thousand demons corpse bone poison, smell this gas of flesh and blood creatures, will become half-human and half-corpse state, and uncontrolled to the source of the virus. Pan Wang’s plan is nothing more than to put the virus into the human race, and then quietly wait at home for food to come. Will see ten thousand demon corpse bone poison, also finally breathed a sigh of relief, their eldest brother finally willing to take out, not easy ah! As a result, the general was about to find a way to spread the virus, but the king said, “Well, brother, it’s so late. Let’s have a meal at my house first and then go!” Said the eyes also from time to time glanced at the bottle in the hand of the general, this fellow only felt that his heart was missing a piece. Well, I really didn’t expect him to stay for dinner, but on second thought, it seems that his family can’t open the pot, so it’s better to have a simple meal at the big landlord’s house of Pan Wang! But he always thinks things are too beautiful. At this moment, King Pan is holding a huge elk and drinking sweet blood. And the generals? Want to cry without tears looking at the front of this lovely little white rabbit, their eldest brother has no sense of shame? Pan Wang, who did not know that he was being slandered by his brother, wiped his big mouth and said,hot tub spa manufacturers, “Veteran, why don’t you eat?”? Is it to lose weight? Why don’t I help you? Said the hand also extended to the general’s little white rabbit. How could the general let him succeed? He brushed his dinner and hid it in his arms. He looked at Pan Wang in silence: “Boss, don’t you think mine is too small?” “This word but stepped on the tail of dish king, see his complexion changes greatly only, immediately point to the general bitterly.” What’s wrong with little? Can’t small satisfy you? Voice straight through the sky, there do not know how many feelings of grief and indignation filled! It was like smelling sadness, seeing tears, and the huge resentment inside shocked the zombies around the Panwang Palace. Brother I was scared by the boss. “Well, you are so pitiful. Our zombies are proud of being strong. You are wilting. Forget it. You go to commit suicide!” “That who …” I’m wilting too.. ..” For a time,american hot tub, the whole zombie clan was full of people in distress, and countless zombies who lost their happiness complained. The next day The general, with a huge black eye, staggered and flew to the human race. Last night. Really can not bear to look back on the night, since then, I remember such a sentence: small, sometimes must be full of their own! Terran, share the main house. Since Chiyou was dismembered by six horses, Xuanyuan asked the soldiers to put five pieces of body into the five poles of heaven and earth to prevent Chiyou from reviving, while the most important third leg was made into a specimen by Xuanyuan and kept in his treasure room. Well, I didn’t expect that the method taught by Martial Uncle Yulong was really right. Quack, didn’t Chiyou always say that he was big? I Xuanyuan with polar ice on your baby, now only a few centimeters have shrunk, quack, sure enough, science is the first productive force! Heat expansion and cold contraction bird! This fellow is now quite relaxed, the management of the human race, whirlpool hot tub ,outdoor whirlpool tub, with the help of Xuannu and Sanxiao, he is happy to be free, just some general direction on everything OK, in addition, now the human race is truly unified, the world is peaceful, the people are rich, he has nothing to worry about. A few days ago, I just saw off the army of princes who had been staying in the human race. These guys were really a group of locusts. They cleaned up all the places they passed, especially the Jiuli tribe. According to the words of the four dragon princes who led them: We are carrying out the policy of Prince Ye Sanguang! The nine Li tribe in a large number of sorcery blood, as well as natural treasures, were robbed by this gang of human scum, such as the nine phoenixes, there is no room for resistance, but also hit, rob also rob not to come, you see that a soldier hand dozens of storage magic weapon will know.. This is a repeat offender! Come prepared. Fortunately, Guang Chengzi felt sorry for his disciples. These were all the spoils of Xuanyuan’s war. It was only then that the Prince Army, who had been plundering the human race for ten years, was driven back to heaven, and he was relieved to return to Jiuxian Mountain to cultivate Taoism.
Sent away the “relocation team”, now Xuanyuan most want to do is, quickly old to death, he will be able to soar! However, perhaps he would not have thought that the words of Emperor Shennong would soon come true. He still remembered that Shennong had a pitiful expression and said, “Xuanyuan, you should eat grass well!”! It seems that the emperor can’t escape the life of eating grass. . In a cave very close to the human tribe, the generals are laying a huge array, the eye of which is the source of the poison of the bones of the ten thousand demons. The human race is finally big, isn’t it? I can finally eat a big one! With excitement, the minister decided to start the big array. Suddenly, a thick dark green gas flew to the human race. [Text Chapter 31 Pai Pai Station, Fen Guo Guo] “I said, brother, have you felt something wrong with Aunt Wang next door recently?” At the moment, more than a dozen Terran boys are doing the middle school students’ radio gymnastics neatly. It is said that this is the immortal method learned by the Lord from the immortal, which can enhance the function of the human body. Have sex, have sex, Ergouzi, don’t care about that useless thing when you do exercises. A fat “beauty” looked angrily at the Terran youth who spoke. I saw that the formation, which had been fairly neat, was in disorder in an instant. Ergouzi finally stood firm and quietly followed a pure little girl next to him and whispered, “Xiaomei, have you found that Cuihua is getting more and more …” .” The beautiful girl rolled her eyes helplessly: “Don’t hurt me. Sister Cuihua took a fancy to a handsome guy a few days ago. She is learning to be a lady recently.” The voice just fell to see Cuihua that can let ghosts and gods piyi’s eyes glanced over, frightened the little girl hurriedly do not squint, concentrate on stretching exercise. This period of time, the human race found a very strange thing, constantly people began to behave strange, stiff, pale face. The strangest thing is that these people, despite the opposition of their clansmen, began to move towards the vast mountains. First, some old humans,5 person hot tub, and then slowly, the weaker young people began to mutate, which immediately attracted the attention of the top human race.

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