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Benefits for businesses Shoviv’s platform for migration

Not all migration tools offer an extensive, flexible set of tools to migrate. Shoviv is the only migration solution that offers coexistence solutions for busy and free calendar queries as well as automatic global address updates of the list. *

Furthermore, there are a handful of mail migration software solutions that are install-free that save time, effort, and interruption. It’s also a cost-effective solution for all businesses of all sizes and types, offering two support tickets that are free anytime during the process of transferring, as well as consulting services are also available in the event of need.

Shoviv’s mail-migration tool integrates with its other tools for migration, such as file migration as well as mail archive migration. group migration, site migration, and obviously, enterprise coexistence.

Additionally, shoviv embraces the security and speed of the Azure framework, making the delta pass technology being a regular feature in any migration. Your data remains under your hands.

It is available for coexistence with the various versions comprising Office 365, G Suite, and Exchange On-Premises.
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Use with a free/busy or busy calendar as well as automatic GAL updates
There is nothing to set up
Two support tickets for free
Consulting services
Scalable for big migrations
Delta pass technology allows for precise migrations. technology
Secure and speedy solution due to Azure backbone
The data you copied was only copied to the system that you want to copy it to
5. Conclusion
Whatever mail migration tool you pick the tool should be secure and reliable. Make sure you choose a reputable Microsoft partner that offers an application that is built upon a safe platform like Azure to ensure that your data is protected and under your control at all times.

Shoviv’s migration tool is secure and reliable. It comes with assistance for free with your migration. It is also adaptable and scalable to meet any of your needs for migration. Furthermore, the wide range of licensing options makes Shoviv’s software for migration the most cost-effective and efficient tool for migration available. For those who require more assistance, Our migration specialists will provide consultation services to ensure that your transfer goes as planned.

A checklist for preparing for a mail migration is provided at the end of this document, to help you make a plan for a successful migration.

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