Clenching her fist forcefully, Mu Wei lowered her voice and told the many gods of the God of War around her: “Get ready!”! The Temple of Dawn and the Temple of Punishment will certainly propose the division of our territory, our believers and our power. I am not easy to bully! If they dare to touch our interests while that fool Mulder is killed, then.. (To be continued) Chapter 1439 target of public criticism (2). co Linzi narrowed his eyes and smiled grimly at the corners of his mouth. “If they have the courage, then I have the confidence to kill any of the gods under the two main gods!” Several goddesses standing beside Mu Wei, including the Goddess of Victory, the Goddess of War and Luck, and the Goddesses of War Mist, looked at Lin Qi one after another. Some of them looked worried, while others gave Linzi an unkind and disdainful look-in their view, the lucky man who had just inherited the priesthood and was lucky to become a God was still a humble human being. Lin Qi obediently turned to one side and sat beside the dragon city. Looking around at more and more gods of all nationalities, Lin Qi lowered his voice: “What’s going on in the eastern Great Plains?”? Still going to war? Long Cheng took out a small pot of liquor and handed it to Lin Qi: “Truce!”! Ordinary soldiers have no intention and no ability to fight. When a main God is killed,juice filling machine, the fluctuation of divine power is too powerful for mortals to fight unless a war between gods breaks out directly. So we held the line, and the allied forces of the Qin Empire and several other forces have withdrawn three hundred miles. Quickly swept to both sides, the voice of the Dragon City also suddenly became extremely subtle: “Just got the news, the screaming Lord fled!”! The God of war, Mudr,bottle blowing machine, was killed, and the God of dawn and the God of punishment were not in the mood to fight with him at all, so they led the people back to the divine realm. It was said that it was a ferocious ancient poisonous insect. Just half an hour ago, seven large cities in the world of Elmore were completely destroyed by him. Stretched out his hand to make a gesture of wiping his neck, and Longcheng pulled the corners of his mouth a little awe-inspiring: “It’s really ferocious. There are seven large cities, more than 200 million people, and none of them are alive.”. Everyone was eaten alive, and the clergy were given some preferential treatment. Their brains were sucked dry, and their bodies were hung on the wall to dry. Linzi licked his lips and grabbed the flagon handed over by Longcheng and poured a few mouthfuls of wine. He didn’t say anything about the people who were killed. These people have been the most devout followers of the Asyrian Protoss for generations in the past countless years. If you’re dead, Beverage packing machine ,juice filling machine, you’re dead! As they say in Paradise Hill. What qualifications do these people who have abandoned their own blood, forgotten the glory of their own race, and are willing to sacrifice their souls and beliefs to the alien race have to let the yuan world protect them and shelter them? Gradually. The huge venue was occupied by gods from all over the world and the projection of the gods. There was a flash of white light in the sky, and the God of dawn appeared in front of the gods with a gloomy face. He landed lightly on the ground, and then a high platform rose silently in the middle of the meeting hall. He stood on the high platform, which was a thousand meters high, and looked coldly at the gods around him. Mulder has fallen! The God of dawn took a deep breath. “Who did it?” Lin Qi did not say anything, although he did a good thing, but he did not surrender the reason ah. The other gods kept their mouths tightly shut. Again without making a sound. With the fall of Mundell, the God of war, the gods of the God of war are like mad tigers who have been stabbed in the buttocks. The Ashier Protoss are like hungry wolves who have been kicked in the rear court. They are desperate to see people. In the style of the archer protoss. If they have an enemy, they will never suffer losses; if they do not have an enemy and they suffer losses, then they will create an enemy and take revenge.
It can be imagined that a bloody battle is just around the corner, who would like to be the first bird to become the first target of the full attack of the Ashier Protoss? “No one admits it!” The God of dawn sneered a few times, and the scepter in his hand stood heavily on the ground: “No one wants to admit it!”! But I’m sure the murderer is among you! And I can even guess who did it! Vile things, you killed Mulder, but you didn’t have the guts to admit it? There were two angry white flames in his eyes, and the God of dawn roared angrily: “You started the war, you gathered a large army to attack us, so we do it according to the agreement of the gods, the believers kill each other, and let the gods harvest the power and soul of faith according to the agreement.”. We didn’t break the rules, but you directly assassinated one of our main gods! Ran Ran, the doppelganger of the Queen of the Green Moon, stood up from among the elves and gods. “We’re not the only ones who break the rules,” she sneered! Of the seven gods of Eruhis, the seven superior gods were killed. Wouldn’t the Arser Protoss be willing to explain? The God of dawn was like a bull that had eaten a hundred times as much aphrodisiac and was being burned by the fire of love. He suddenly found a heifer. He turned around with a ferocious face and looked at the Queen of the Green Moon ferociously: “Is that you?”? The Elven Protoss have lost seven of their superior gods? On my father’s soul, my men didn’t do that! The God of retribution silently flashed out from behind the God of dawn. He looked coldly at the Queen of the Green Moon and said indifferently, “By my father,PET blowing machine, my mother, and the glory of my family, I have not sent anyone to assassinate the gods of your Elf Protoss.”. All the actions of the Arser Protoss are in accordance with the agreement of the gods of that year. Mu Wei stood up slowly. She glared ferociously at the Queen of the Green Moon and snapped: “The gods of war will only defeat and kill the enemy in the frontal battlefield. We never disdain to use the means of assassination and plot!” 。

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