the hole is bigger and the whole heel is covered in it is not easy to fall. If pants still fall off when you step on them, you can replace them with a flat elastic band that gives more elasticity and prevents them from slipping off. When wearing foot pants, try to match with shoes with higher uppers. If the uppers are too low, the position of the heel will be exposed when wearing, which will affect the overall coordination of wearing. If you wear low-top shoes, it is best to choose socks, the overall match will be more coordinated. If you only wear low-top shoes, you can also wear Dog clothing Plus Size fashion Kitchen Tools Cheap Corset Bustier tops maternity dresses socks that are the same color as your foot pants, so that you don’t have to worry about embarrassment if the socks are sticking out of the heel.
Wear a thin pair of leggings underneath to make it harder to slide and to make the pant stick

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