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Sudden attack, also let Lin move face color slightly change, hurriedly turn head, that arrow is close at hand, can not dodge. At the critical moment, Lin Dong did not lose his head. As soon as his mind moved, a mental wave surged out of the mud pill palace! “Hum!” Arrows eerily solidified in the air half an inch in front of Lin Dong, sharp arrows, with a wisp of strange fragrance, impressively painted with poison, if this is shot, I’m afraid it will be killed on the spot! “Someone tried to kill me!” The idea flashed through his mind, and Lin Dong’s body suddenly retreated, and the arrows in front of him were unable to fall to the ground. When Lin Dong retreated, there was a sudden sound of breaking the wind around him, and the arrows shot at Lin Dong like a rainstorm. Lin Dong’s face is dignified, strong yuan Li surges all over his body, and his mental strength spreads, distinguishing all the trajectories of those arrows, and his body flashes, dodging all of them. Aggressive! The arrow hit the ground hard, half a finger long, and the tail of the arrow shook rapidly, making a buzzing sound. Sigh! Sigh! Lin Dong’s body retreats violently, and his eyes are also surging with cold awn. As soon as his arm is thrown, ten black awns burst out from his sleeve and shoot at the surrounding houses as fast as lightning. At that moment, there is a deep sound, and ten figures with long bows roll down from the houses. The Lei family! At the sight of the clothes on those people’s bodies, Lin Dong’s complexion also changed slightly,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, and he did not expect that the Lei family would hate him to such an extent. Pap! When Lin Dong’s face was cold, there was a sudden applause. Lin Dong turned his head and saw two men standing smiling not far away. Thunder! When Lin moved to see the middle-aged man on the left, his eyebrows were wrinkled, and he naturally knew that the status of the Lei family was quite high, but he did not expect that he would personally make a move, and look at the man beside him, apparently also a master of the Lei family, according to Lin’s induction, the strength of these two people, I am afraid, have reached the middle of Tianyuan. “Oh,Amber Dropper Bottles, you really deserve to be the genius of the Lin family. In a short time, you have killed ten good players of the Lei family. No wonder your father wants to kill you by name..” Between Lin Dong’s frown, the thunderclap smiled, but in that smile, there was a thick gloom, and Lin Dong’s lightning-like counterattack was greatly beyond his expectation. Hey hey, the Lei family is really shameless, to deal with me a younger generation, even use such a big battle, if this spread out, I’m afraid the Lei family face will be lost. Lin Dong sneered. “Well, you can rest assured that the news will not spread.” The thunder spread out his hands and his eyes were indifferent. Is the Lei family really going to break their face with my Lin family? Lin moves the vision, similarly some gloomy, the Lei family this action, looks like really to want to start work to their Lin family. Within two months, the Lin family will become a lost dog, when the time comes, Lin Zhentian, they will also accompany you. The thunder cracked at the corners of his mouth, showing his white teeth, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, and smiled grimly. It’s just that before that, you have to clean up your little beast first! “Whew..” Lin moved to take a deep breath, immediately slowly spit out, raised his head, that with a trace of childish face, is also the emergence of a touch of Senran, that is, the soles of his feet a step on the ground, unexpectedly took the initiative to thunder two people rushed away! “You two are not qualified to kill me!” Chapter eighty-one counter-kill “A guy who doesn’t know the depth of heaven and earth!” See Lin move unexpectedly take the initiative to rush, that thunder face is also emerged a sneer, although Lin move once defeated Wu Sha, but that kind of thing, obviously can not appear on his body! Step out, strong yuan Li fluctuations suddenly burst out from the thunder body, eyes across a touch of ferocious, and then a punch suddenly burst out, fierce wind, unexpectedly has a deep sonic boom sounded.
A shot, is the real kill move, this thunder is obviously intended to kill Lin Dong at the fastest speed! The fist, which was full of fierce wind, was rapidly enlarged in Lin’s eyes. The next moment, his palm suddenly reached out, and with a slurp, it was the fist that clung to the thunder. As soon as he grasped it with five fingers, he grabbed the thunder’s elbow and pulled it hard. The fierce force pulled the thunder’s body forward directly. In the thunder body forward moment, Lin move eyes is also a touch of fierce light, knee suddenly on the top, mercilessly hit the thunder’s neck, such means, is also quite ruthless. Lin moved the offensive, fierce and swift, even the thunder himself, is in that moment panic, but then, he is back to God, palms hurriedly clap to Lin move to hit the knee. Bang! Lei’s palms clapped heavily on Lin’s knees, and a sharp pain immediately came from his palms, as if he had clapped on the steel, but with the help of such obstacles, Lei quickly stabilized his body, and then threw a whip at Lin’s head. Lin moved face calm, fists above, yuan Li all burst out, solid hard bang on the sole of the thunder! “Dong!” Fists and feet meet, a strong wind spreads, Lin moves his shoulders violently, but the thunder is staggering back a few steps, and immediately, his face is filled with a look of horror: “Tianyuanjing!” Looking at the thunderclap with a face full of horror, Lin Dong’s face was calm, but his heart was a little sorry that if he had been faster, he would have been able to break his neck before the thunderclap took defense. Lei Xing, kill him together! Thunder shock unceasingly looking at the young man in front of him, his heart is undoubtedly like turning up the stormy waves, although he had heard that Lin moved to defeat the Black Dragon Stronghold, but has always thought that this should be the reason why Lin moved to have a helper, he has never thought that Lin moved into the Tianyuan realm, after all, a sixteen or seventeen year old Tianyuan realm, It’s a little too shocking. And in the heart turned up the stormy waves, thunder is also suddenly a sharp drink, Lin move to show the strength of the stronger, his heart is also the more strong,30ml Dropper Bottle, if give the latter a few years of growth time, this thunder home, who is his opponent.

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