In the past, the picture of killing immortals would burst into thousands of rays of light, and a solemn atmosphere filled the air. It seemed that it could annihilate everything. Even Xie Zifeng’s divine baby dared not approach it. But now, the brilliance of the picture of killing immortals is still the same, but it lacks the fierce and murderous look that wants to slaughter everything. When the brilliance is flowing, the Taoist rhyme is contained, which makes people feel like they are close to the road and naturally stay in it. Perhaps that card is a key to open the map of killing immortals. Xie Zifeng said, this should be specially arranged by his father. I wonder what’s going on outside? Now he is in the Temple of Desolate Heaven, surrounded by the powerful demon clan outside, which is extremely unsafe, and he must find out the situation nearby. As soon as Xie Zifeng’s mind moved, he withdrew from the mud pill palace. As soon as he opened his eyes, he found several strong people of the demon clan standing beside him. Mr. Xie, you have nothing to do! Leilong was looking at the young man in front of him with a smile and a respectful face. I have nothing to do. Xie Zifeng scanned the four directions, but saw that the war in the valley had stopped. The three Xuandan practitioners of the Wu clan were like gossamers. They had run out of oil and were being controlled by several strong demons. The purple wings stretched out to make it difficult for them to cry for help. It’s good to have nothing to do. Leilong bowed slightly and folded his fists. “Thanks to Mr. Xie, my ancestor was saved this time.” “Have you been rescued?” Xie Zifeng was stunned. Leilong nodded, Xie Zifeng will catch the law card after the eyebrow sh shè out of a light pillar to break the Qingming Hun yuan Tower simply said again. Hear here, Xie Zifeng a face shocked, a kingcraft was so smashed, this is what a peerless blow ah! “Father deserves to be the hero of the world,” Xie Zifeng secretly praised. Then his eyes glanced away,ibc spill containment pallet, only to find an old man beside the thunder dragon. The old man was sitting cross-legged on a purple sè disc. His hair was so messy that it was difficult to see his face clearly. His thin body was wrapped in a purple robe. His purple hair was slightly withered, dancing like straw in the wind. The old man’s body was so thin that it seemed that a gust of wind could blow it down. But on him, Xie Zifeng actually felt an extremely obscure breath fluctuation. This old man is definitely an existence beyond the realm of Xuanying! At a glance, the old man was empty but not real, as if he had been transformed into an illusion. Looking carefully, he looked like an ordinary old farmer, who was nearly old and had to ride the wind at any time and fall into nothingness. But Xie Zifeng felt away and found that there seemed to be some kind of Taoist rhyme in it. What realm of existence is this? Xie Zifeng was shocked. This is my grandfather. Lei Long introduced,plastic pallet price, “Lao Zu.”. This is Xie Xiaoge, the son of Xie Changqing, a hero in the world. “The younger generation Xie Zifeng has seen the older generation!” Xie Zifeng bowed and bowed, and in front of such a strong man, he did not dare to hold up. Brother Xie doesn’t have to do that. The old man stretched out a withered palm, casually brushed, Xie Zifeng only felt a ripple in front of him. There was a hurricane that lifted him up and made his waist straight. It’s no longer a gesture of bowing. The old man held me up without a trace of fluctuation in his palm. It seems that the power of heaven and earth can be mobilized at will. Xie Zifeng is shocked in the heart, this kind of method can be said to reach the sky. Shocked, Xie Zifeng looked at the old man in front of him. At this time, the hurricane blew by, and the hair on the latter’s cheek danced to reveal his face. It was a thin face, with deep eyes. The old eyes muddy a pair of Jing gas insufficient appearance, is obviously suppressed here for hundreds of years to make it exhausted Jing yuan, now no longer in those days, see Xie Zifeng look. The old man suddenly looked up and could vaguely see a trace of Jing light passing through his muddy eyes, collapsible pallet bin ,collapsible bulk containers, which seemed to penetrate the void and make people tremble. Xie Zifeng Fang and the old man’s eyes look at each other, then only feel a shock, the spinal cord is a chill, there is a feeling to be penetrated by this person, this feeling is fleeting, the old man’s eyes in the light dissipated, once again become muddy, he opened his mouth, “is the father surprised to be absolutely gorgeous, has been in and out of the ancient forbidden place many times, this two hundred years, can not enter the wilderness, he is one of them.” The old man can get out of trouble this time thanks to your father and son, so you don’t have to salute me. “My father went into the wilderness?” Xie Zifeng’s eyes show curiosity.
The old man nodded his head and said, “This is an old feather. If you are in trouble in the future, you can come to the Qinling Mountains in Zhongzhou to look for it. I, the Purple Wing Thunder Eagle Clan, will try my best to shelter it.” As soon as the old man stretched out his palm, the purple light flashed in the palm, and a purple tail plume appeared. As soon as he brushed his palm, the tail plume turned into a purple light and shsè to the young man in front. Xie Zifeng brushed his palm and caught the tail plume. This is a palm-sized feather, purple light, shining with dazzling light, as if a sharp blade can kill people invisibly, when the purple light blooms, such as the flow of Tao rhyme, emitting an obscure breath fluctuation, Xie Zifeng can see that this tail plume alone is comparable to the Tao vessel. That Feng has thanked his predecessors. Xie Zifeng is also not affectation, the feather income in the storage bag. Mr. Xie, what do you think of these three people? Leilong pointed to the three Xuandan practitioners of the Wu clan next to him and said. He knew that Xie Zifeng had enmity with the Wu clan, so he left behind the lives of these people, which was also a favor for the young man. Kill them all! Xie Zifeng’s eyes were cold, and he glanced at Wu yuanda and others. Leilong motioned, and the wings of several strong demon clans next to him contracted, exposing the three members of the Wu clan. Xie Zifeng, you should collude with the demon clan, and the human practitioners in the southern wilderness will never let you go. An old man of the Wu clan gritted his teeth. Are you still unrepentant? Xie Zifeng frowned and raised a cruel smile at the corners of his mouth and said slowly, “When you were chasing me, you should have expected today!” Die! The cold words, like the judgment of death, make people palpitate. But see that young mind a move, at the foot of the shuttle shining across the void, then brought up a few blood light, in an instant, a flash of brilliance, fell into the foot of Xie Zifeng,plastic pallet suppliers, all light as if nothing had happened. As a result, Wu yuanda and the other two practitioners of the Xuandan Realm breathed their last. Their eyes were wide open, and they stared straight ahead. None of them could have imagined that this trip to the ancient domain would be such a result. binpallet.com

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