“If I go out to live, I will have one more class in the club, and then I will not be afraid to come back at night and close the dormitory, and you will be free. Besides, it’s not bad for the money, right?”? You’ll get it back. If you don’t have a good rest, the baby’s development will not be good, and the pressure in your heart will be too great. What if there is a problem when the baby checks out? When the time comes, it will not be solved by money. “No matter how bad it is, I’ll ask my parents for more.” …… Hearing what he said, Han Fei weighed it and swayed a little. Ji Yang continued to persuade him, “It’s only been a month. It’s not expensive anymore.” “With the money you gave me, I’ll make it up as soon as possible. Mom and Dad don’t move.” Han Fei thought for a moment and whispered. I’m going to find a house with a better environment as far as possible. Han Fei did not expect him to be so efficient, said at noon, in the afternoon to find a good, let her move things over, immediately check in, live there tonight. One thousand eight hundred a month small room, only a small toilet, put down a bed after there is no space left,small geared motors, but for Han Fei, it is a very safe place, do not have to be timid, careful. Fan Li despised Han Fei for moving out. This fetus has been aborted, and now it is so blatant? Be careful to conceive again. Chapter 134 the infatuated gambler (11). Since moving out, Han Fei’s mood is much better, morning sickness reaction will still have, but do not have to endure,Small Geared Motors, the most important thing is that Ji Yang will not dislike her. There was a small window in the room. Ji Yang bought two pots of meat and put them on it. Although the room was small, she tidied it up very neatly and looked very warm. Every day when she came back from class, she waited for him to get off work. Usually he would bring her some snacks. When they were not at work, they were together and bored. That kind of sense of security was something she could not experience in the dormitory alone. At least do not have to carry alone, there is a warm embrace, some to share with her. Ji Yang bought a small pot from the Internet, so that they could not go out to eat on weekends, and she could cook at home when she had no classes. She’s a good cook. She often cooks for him. She just finished eating hot pot today. Coach Chen of the club resigned and opened one by himself. He asked me to help him and said he would give me 171 days. Ji Yang was washing the dishes and turned to her and said. If it’s half a day, it’s ninety. “Is it far?” She asked. It’s not far. It’s closer than this one. It’s only two stops away. Ji Yang changed the water and continued to brush, “I want to go, and he said that now I am not graduated, that is, the intern salary, if I work for a full year, Brushless Gear Motor ,micro gear motor, I will be calculated according to the salary of formal employees, at least two hundred and five a day, and then go to the internship is also the salary of formal employees, the length of service will also add money, one hundred a year.” “Are you going?”? So you can rest for another hour. It’s too far away. Han Fei took the bowl he had dried and put it in the basket. She was not surprised that he could get this salary. In high school, he was the captain of the basketball team, a national second-class athlete, and the main force. Physical education teachers said that he was suitable for being a sports student, which was his strong point. Go ahead and resign tomorrow. Ji Yang poured out the water and received the basin under the table. “Go where you give more money. Make money quickly to raise the baby.” Han Fei looked at him with a dim look. “You could have worked so hard. Even if you made so much money, you should have a good college life and do what you want to do.” Whenever she thinks about this problem, her feelings are very complicated. What about you? If it weren’t for me, it wouldn’t be like this, and you would have to delay graduation, and you would be the one who should feel wronged. Ji Yang wiped his hands, “so don’t think too much, we are all fine, this is also my voluntary.” “I’m not telling you to make you feel bad or guilty, but to share with you that we will all be better and better, and I’m trying to give you and your baby a good life.” “I can give it.” …… Ji Yang looked at her and said seriously, “you have to believe me.” “Yes.” She nodded heavily. Believe it. Go to take a shower and go to bed early. Ji Yang brought her clothes. Do you still want to read books today? Han Fei took it and looked at him.
Ji Yang borrowed a lot of financial management books from the school library and the provincial library, as well as stock fund finance, all kinds of books she could not understand. See if you have time. “Oh.” Han Fei can hardly see that he is so interested in one thing, after all, is to absorb knowledge, she will not object. And soon she found the problem. Ji Yang would look at her computer every night and operate it by hand. She also read and turned over books from time to time. At first, she thought she was looking for information. As a result, I accidentally saw him looking at stocks and accounts. What are you doing Han Fei thought of the one hundred and eighty thousand he owed for gambling money. He couldn’t breathe and his shoulders were shaking. “Didn’t you say financial management?”? Are you investing in stocks? Stock speculation and gambling are of the same nature, and they will lose all their money. She thought he had changed. No, daughter-in-law, I just. Ji Yang’s eyes dodged, hurriedly put the computer aside, coaxing her, “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.” “Haven’t you lost enough at gambling?”? Are you still dreaming of becoming rich overnight? Han Fei was so angry that she put her face aside, her eyes were red and she choked. “You said you would take good care of me and my baby. You said you would make money to pay off your debts. You promised me to be down-to-earth.” “I didn’t.” Ji Yang looked innocent and explained, “It’s written in the book. I just operated it and didn’t spend any money.” Book, book, book, if what is written in the book is true, won’t everyone be rich? You just want to get rich overnight, and you want to gamble. Han Fei wiped her tears and sobbed, “If I lose money again, I don’t want you, Ji Yang, you really let me not see the future.” She trusted him so much. If she loses again,Gear Reduction Motor, what will she do and what will the child do? “I didn’t. I just invested a few hundred yuan. If you don’t believe me, I invested a little. I didn’t borrow money. All the money was given to you, and I also gave you the salary.” Ji Yang looked flustered and grabbed her hand. “I didn’t get rich overnight. I really didn’t think about it. I just wanted to test it.” Han Fei went over to have a look.

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