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He did not like the Fairy, and there was an indescribable feeling in it. Even if you talk to her, you are far less comfortable than talking to Zhen Bingyu. Even though Zhen Bingyu’s character is somewhat cold, he still feels that Zhen Bingyu is much more friendly than the Fairy. Elder Martial Brother Mo, you won several fairy places in the first two rounds, but I didn’t get any of them.. The lavender fairy came a little closer, with some self-pity in her tone. Hearing this, he was stunned, and he did not expect the Fairy to be so direct. This is clear, let oneself give her a quota. Where is such a thick-skinned woman? Because of her surname, Ning’s little affection disappeared without a trace. This woman is really self-righteous ah, oneself and she never know, so want a quota, is she an idiot or will others as an idiot? As for the number of places in the Asking Pavilion, he only wanted one, and he didn’t care about how to allocate the rest. But even if I don’t care, I won’t give you Ruan Letian. Elder Martial Brother Mo, you should be careful to kill Jane later. Fumigation Fairy said, thought and added: “I am in Tianxiang Fairy Gate, you can come to me…” Zong Piaotian’s Purple Rain Fairy has been paying attention to her, and she is now the only one in the top 32 of Zong Piaotian,Quillaja Saponin, so her eyes are always on her side. She even suspected that Xu Ji could get the first place, which had something to do with the Mo Ying in front of her. Because Xu Ji seems to be the first person to make friends with Mo Ying, he turned out to be the first, which is very strange. When she saw the lavender fairy take the initiative to speak next to him, she immediately frowned and even snorted coldly, and she was extremely uncomfortable with the woman. Now that Elder Martial Brother Mo Ying became famous, she went up. In the first round,D BHB Factory, she didn’t give Mo Ying a look. Seemed to hear the cold hum of the Purple Rain Fairy, the Fairy suddenly looked at it with some deep feeling, and then lowered his head and retreated. But he frowned, he felt a little strange, it is reasonable to say that the Fairy does not look like such a superficial person ah. So come up to say a word shyly, think oneself will be one more thought on her body? Is she really so conceited? Tianxiang Fairy Gate? Kui heart suddenly moved, mind nine turn quietly running up, and then began to search every inch of the body. “There are those who come up to challenge me.” At this time, Guan Feijian had already flown to the arena, his tone was cold, but with a fierce murderous look and pride. The contestants in the square seemed to be overwhelmed by this murderous look, and no one went on stage for a while. When Guan Feijian saw that no one had come up for a long time, he snorted coldly and said, “Zhuang, aren’t you very capable?”? Come up if you have the guts. Don’t talk like a cow, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, but now you’re like a shrinking turtle. Zhuang Yi’s temper was already very strong, but now after hearing Guan Feijian’s words, he immediately sneered and said, “Is Ruan Letian’s list of immortals great?”? I have never been afraid of challenges. “Elder Martial Brother Zhuang, don’t fall for it.” When Leng Qingshan saw that Zhuang was about to go up and fight with Guan Feijian, he immediately pulled him and said calmly. Zhuang Yi patted Leng Qingshan’s hand and said, “I may not be his opponent to Guan Feijian, but I want to tell him that I am not afraid of anyone’s challenge, and he can’t do the same with Guan Feijian.”. He wants me to bow to him, but he is not qualified to close the flying sword. After that, Zhuang Qi had already broken away from Leng Qingshan’s hand and flew up to the ring. Leng Qingshan sighed when he saw Zhuang going up and shook his head. He knew that he had no way to stop him, and if he was challenged by name and scolded for shrinking his head, he would not be able to resist going up. This is different from Xu Ji, Xu Ji is the initiative to withdraw, has not been challenged. At this time, although he looked at the ring, he was absorbed in searching for his own body. He felt that the incense fairy was a little strange, and the fragrance was also a little strange. Whatever she meant, she didn’t want to put herself in any danger. After only a few breaths, his face changed slightly, and he had found the wrong place. A trace of breath, if there is no, is slowly seeping into his hair, if there is a while, the breath is completely connected with the hair, the more difficult it will be for him to find out.
As time goes on, that breath will even assimilate into his own breath, so that he has no feeling at all. That is to say, he didn’t find this breath today. After eight or ten years, it will be very difficult for him to find out. Unless someone tells him that he has this breath mark on his body, he can find it. He broke out in a cold sweat. What kind of school is Tianxiang Fairy, who was born as a Fairy? Is the ability to track the mark so powerful? This is because he has the nine turns of the divine mind. If he doesn’t have the nine turns of the divine mind, doesn’t that mean that he will definitely fall into the trap? And after the third round of the competition, I will enter the Ask Pavilion, and no one knows when I will come out. That being the case, why did the Lavender Fairy put a tracking mark on him? …… Chapter 1694 the conflict of the immortal king. .. co The magic weapon of Mu Sha is a mirror with golden scales and fire patterns, which should be successfully refined from the scales of a mythical beast. The role of this fire pattern mirror has also been seen, can emit endless fire patterns, these fire patterns seem to have the role of binding opponents. In the first match of Mu Sha, his opponent was bound by the fire mirror and was finally killed by Mu Sha. This is somewhat like the Jiuyao Star Wheel that he grabbed at the beginning. The Jiuyao Star Wheel emits the white light of the book, while the Golden Scale Fire Pattern Mirror emits the flame pattern awn, but this flame pattern awn is much stronger than the white light of the Jiuyao star wheel. Mu Sha’s golden scale fire pattern mirror did not shoot fire pattern to attack Guan Feijian as before, but formed an oval ring of fire around Mu Sha’s body. Kui had a divine sense of the sword, and his divine sense had clearly seen that the terrible sound wave of the leather drum of Guan Feijian was blocked by the circle of fire. Fire ring cover and vocal range ripple impact together, a wave of divine consciousness and immortal yuan composed of overflow, but can not escape the capture of divine consciousness. At this time,Kava Root Extract, he finally understood the spirit of Mu Sha. It turned out that he had long known that the leather drum of Guan Feijian had a range attack, and his golden scale fire mirror could just restrain the range attack, so he came to the stage to challenge Guan Feijian.

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