Shopkeeper Luo didn’t care. “Big brother,” he said! I’m leaving, and you can send them out of the city in half an hour! When he left, the girl in red came in and said, “Grandpa, where is my father? Where are Ma Qi?” The steward hesitated for a moment and gave a general idea to the girl in red. As soon as the big girl heard this, her face changed color and she turned her head and went back. Fei Duxing was sitting in a teahouse across the street from “Yuji Firm”! Now that he had reached out to take care of this matter, he could not be anticlimactic and walk away halfway. At least he had to wait for Ma Qi and his gang to send “Fast Horse” Zhang back, although he was in a hurry to rush to “Zhangjiakou” to find Xiu Gu! As a result, he had not seen anyone come back from the outside to enter the “Yuji Firm”, but saw Ma Qi and Luo Hua go out of the “Huaji Firm”, running in different directions and walking quickly. His face changed, he dropped a few pennies of tea money, grabbed his big hat and went out of the teahouse. He untied his horse in an alley next to the teahouse, turned over and mounted his horse and galloped to the other end of the alley! Ma Qi was very happy, he had his wishful thinking, he had his thoughts, out of the city gate to go forward,large palm trees for sale, the more he thought about it, the more happy his lips were smiling! At that moment, there was a sound of hoofbeats behind him. There were many people coming and going on the road, and many people riding horses. He didn’t care! The sound of hoofbeats came nearer and nearer, and in a few moments they were behind him, and the speed at which the horse would be in front of him. But strange, the horse behind him did not pass by for a long time,large artificial blossom trees, only to hear the sound of hooves following closely behind him, he could not help looking back, not to see it! This look made his heart crack, hurriedly turned around and wanted to run! But he didn’t run, knowing he couldn’t run a step! Not only could he not run a step, but he had to leave people behind. He hated himself for not looking back earlier. A deep voice came from behind: “Ma Qi!”! You go your way, take me to see your boss, I am not difficult for you! Ma Qi shivered in his heart. He didn’t dare to stop, nor did he dare to turn back. “A gentleman doesn’t stand in the way of people’s wealth,” he said. “Zhou Yu beat Huang Gai. Why do you have to take care of this trouble?” “I know,” he said in a low voice behind him. “I saw you coming out of the’Yu Kee Company ‘, and I expected eight points. Shopkeeper Luo and He Jiuru are not completely Jianghu people, but there are other real Jianghu people. They can’t stand your scare. There must be something else in it. Tell me what’s going on.” Ma Qiyi rolled his eyes in his eyes and said, faux ficus tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, “They know you’re right. They suspect you have ulterior motives, so they don’t dare to count on you any more. They don’t dare to count on you, and they can’t afford to offend us, so they have to admit it.” The muffled voice “Oh!” “Is that so?” He said. Ma Qi quickly nodded and said, “That’s right!” “This is quite beyond my expectation,” said that low voice. “No wonder. Who cal me a noisy horse? Who told me I had a bad reputation? It means that they don’t count on me. But since this kind of robbery happened to me, I still can’t ignore it. Ma Qi was stunned. “We’re not unreasonable people,” he said. “When we meet, we get half..” “Seventh mast Ma!” Said that low voice with a laugh! You really flatter me, if I want this thing, I’m afraid no one can touch it! Ma Qi was stunned again. “What’s the matter?” He asked? Aren’t you going to. He said in a low voice, “even a noisy horse has a kind heart. It’s cal stealing. Besides, I don’t like this. I just don’t like your rude style of bully people.” “So,” said Ma Qi, “did you draw your sword to help you when you saw the rough road?” “So to speak,” said that low voice.
” Ma Qi said, “Several yamen officials surnamed Luo have gone to inform you. Do you still want to draw a sword to help you?” The muffled voice “Oh!” “Really?” He said. Ma Qi said, “After you left just now, Luo called Ba and He into the room to discuss it for a while. Although I didn’t hear everything outside, I heard a few words. He had no idea. Ba also advised Luo, but Luo didn’t listen.” The muffled voice said, “Mmm!” “After you left the Yu Kee Firm,” he said, “the shopkeeper went out to the north. He walked very fast. I didn’t expect that. Now that you mention it, it’s somewhat possible..” Ma Qi’s heart jumped and he said, “I’m telling the truth.” “I didn’t say you weren’t telling the truth,” he said in a low voice. “I used to be a noisy horse, and now I’m a felon who killed people and escaped from prison. For the sake of local peace, of course, no one will let me go. I don’t blame shopkeeper Luo, because before he knew who I was, he had helped me very enthusiastically. It proves that he is not a bad person, but a little blind. Just heckling people if you don’t ask clearly! “Well..” said Ma Qi. Are you still in charge of this matter? “Didn’t you hear me?” Said that low voice. “I don’t blame him. I can only blame myself for bee a noisy horse. I can only blame myself for having a bad reputation.” “This..” said Ma Qi. Master Fei! What I just said is true. He dared to think that Fei Mu-shu didn’t believe it. “You’re wrong about what I mean,” he said in a low voice. “I really don’t blame shopkeeper Luo.” “What do you mean?” Asked Ma Qi? You really don’t blame. “Seventh mast Ma!” Said that man in a low voice! Is it true that you will understand one day? Now tell me, how far is it from here to your home? Ma Qi hesitated for a moment and said, “It’s at the Qinglongpo ‘!”. ” The muffled voice “Oh!” “There is still a road that is not too close,” he said. “Come up and let me speed up for a while.” As the words fell, the horse brushed past and stepped forward. Ma Qi was stunned and did not dare to move for a moment. “I’m not afraid of you, Master Ma,” said Fei Mu-shu, who was sitting high in a carved saddle, dressed in black and wearing a big hat. “Are you still afraid of me?” Ma Qi’s eyes flashed and he said,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, “Then I’d rather be respectful than obedient.” He jumped on the horse and straddled behind Fei Mu-shu. “Master Ma Qi!” Said Fei Mu-shu! You sit tight. He clamped his legs around the horse’s belly, waved his whip lightly, and the horse pushed aside its four hooves and galloped away.

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